Ensuring Your Order Will Arrive On Time

Following our simple rules will ensure there are no holdups during your print run.

We will assume you have the right to print the files you are sending us, we will take no responsibility for you uploading copyrighted content for print.

All File Types Are Accepted

We accept all file types although we prefer vector artwork to ensure the best quality results.


Pixelation for those that are not familiar with it can be seen in the text in the image to the left. To avoid seeing this in your print ensure any bitmap images you supply are at 300dpi at print size.

Placement & Centering

Our standard placements for front prints are 60-80mm from the collar depending on shirt sizes, if you have a particilar measurement you are after please advise us in the notes when ordering.

Removing Background Colors On Your Uploaded Images

While we are able to offer this service you must understand this is a time consuming process. Time and time again we have customers telling us is just a simple process, when you are dealing with hundreds of orders this takes considerable time and we need to charge for it. We appreciate you understand this, if you are able to do it yourself please feel free to do so and no charge will be encurred.

Color Changes

Please see above.

Changing Your Uploaded Design

We are able to edit your design should you want us to, we would need specific design breifs to be able to quote you on this as well as the original artwork.

Adjusting Print Size On Orders With Youth And Adult Apparel

This is something that can be done easily on DIRECT TO GARMENT (DTG) orders however screen printing is not so easy we need to make a set of screens for each size we are printing. As such we would only offer this in larger orders to maintain cost efficiency.