T Shirt Printing!

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When most people hear or talk about t shirt printing the most common line of thought is screen printing, Screen printing has been around for many decades and is the go to option when customers are enquiring about printed t shirts.

Screen printing is an excellent choice for decorating your garments and when I say garments I am meaning PLURAL, if you are looking to get 1 or only a couple of t shirts printed screen printing while it can be done is not the most economical way.

Screen Printing as its name suggests require creating a stencil on a coated screen before we can even begin printing your job, each colour requires its own screen to be made and reclaimed at the end of the job ready for the next job.

Here at Tee Print Centre we are able to print your t shirt a variety of different ways screen printing is just one of them, t shirt printing has come a long way and we are now able to print full colour prints on t shirts with DTG (Direct To Garment) technology, or heat pressed vinyl transfers

DTG and heat pressed vinyl transfers are a perfect way for you to have your customer t shirt printed in small quantities at affordable pricing, this has opened the door for on demand t shirt printing which has become an increasingly popular commodity.

We look forward to growing in this industy with you, printing your awsome designs on t shirts and shipping them all over the country.